Tuesday, January 3, 2012

starting the new year off right!

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today was my first day back to work after 11 days off. having that time off was so wonderful. i was able to get organized, make some art, and cook (which is something i tell myself i never have time to do) what i learned is that i need to make the time to do the things i want to do and that there really is enough time in the day to do the things i need to do to start getting healthy. there is no reason that i can't get up and do my workout before going to work (because i know i will never do it once i come home) i just need to form healthy habits and once i do i won't be able to imagine life differently.

on another note i cooked dinner tonight for me and my boo. i made chili. it is one of those things that is so simple to make and you get a lot of left overs. i will have a few days of lunch covered for work :)

my favorite recipe is from eatingwell.com I put my own spin on it by subbing the beef for ground turkey and adding canned tomatoes, and a few extra cans of beans.

Beef & Bean Chile Verde Recipe

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Monday, January 2, 2012

HUGE art post!

i have been busy working in my studio :) all items can be purchased here http://www.etsy.com/shop/yellowbuttonstudio

Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new years!

i hope everyone had a wonderful new years. i have so many resolutions for this upcoming year...

1. to get healthy. i have been really bad this past year with eating unhealthy and not exercising as much as i used to. I resolve to get my butt up earlier in the morning and start working out before i have to go to work. 

2. to make more art. i have already gotten started with this one. my boyfriend and i just got our upstairs redone and we made it into a studio for ourselves and it is glorious. i feel so inspired to have a space to go to after work and to start creating. i have made a number of new pieces that i need to post to this blog already, so look for them shortly :) 

3. to be more dedicated to this blog. i resolve to post more on my blog. i know i have written other posts about it but i need to get my butt into gear and start doing it. maybe i need to start posting after my morning work outs ;)

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