Tuesday, July 17, 2012

busy busy!

My last post is the complete opposite of this one! ha! I have been super busy and will be super busy up until the 1st week of August which is FANTASTIC! I am working on some really fun projects which will be available next year, along with doing a ton of custom work through my etsy shop! I have also been bitten by the WE NEED TO DECORATE OUR HOUSE. WE HAVE LIVED HERE FOR 2 YEARS bug. So, Chris and I have been taping all our trim off in the house to paint it white - when we moved in half the trim was painted -  the previous owner should have just gone for it and finished it! That being said, I have been picking up a few (too many) new items for our house which has been fun ;) I have been obsessed with these Nathalie Lete plates from Anthropologie from the moment they came into the store when I used to work there, and have been waiting for them to go on sale for the past 3 years... and these ones finally did so I had to buy all of them! Maybe the rest will go on sale sometimes soon - one can only hope!

Monday, July 2, 2012

new illo

I have had a nice break in between projects this past week which has been fantastic! I was able to catch up with friends over fancy cocktails / meals and start sketching again. It feels really good to just make something to make something and start updating my portfolio! This piece was a good change of pace and was perfect to work on during this heat wave that makes it miserable to go outside :/