Monday, July 2, 2012

new illo

I have had a nice break in between projects this past week which has been fantastic! I was able to catch up with friends over fancy cocktails / meals and start sketching again. It feels really good to just make something to make something and start updating my portfolio! This piece was a good change of pace and was perfect to work on during this heat wave that makes it miserable to go outside :/


winsomegreen said...

I'm loving this illustration. The geometric shapes and things swirling about her seem to reflect her thoughts. :)

Isn't catching up with friends, nice? I found a recipe for Elderflower Champagne yesterday that makes me want to have a gathering. Takes a couple of weeks to brew but might be worth the wait.

Heat wave: same here. 100+ temps all last week and looking at the same for this week. Ugh.

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