Thursday, November 15, 2012

just for fun

It's been busy  per usual in the studio the past month working on a ton of projects. Chris and I found a moment to do some more home decorating - I should really be posting photos of our progress! I always forget to take the before photos :) We painted the wood trim white, got new curtains, and a new couch! The space feels so much more "us"

Here is  a little illo I have been working on just for fun the past week in between projects. I'm trying to get back into the groove of making work again. I have some sketches in the works that I need to turn into finals, so keep on the lookout for those. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


Diana said...

jessie this is really gorgeous.

Thirsty World Designs said...

I'm diggin this one! I think its her bold and sassy hair!

Your Newest Follower,
Thirsty World Designs

yellow button studio said...

Thanks so much :D

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